Toys for Certain Holidays

Toys for Specific Holidays

When the holidays roll around you will want to be prepared to present your children with toys. There are toys themed for specific holidays like a baby chick stuffed animal for Easter or a Santa doll for Christmas. Many parents also buy regular toys for those occasions.

Birthday gifts are things you don’t want to wait until the last minute to buy. And if you buy during sales you can often find extra gifts. Action figures, dolls and vehicles always make great ideas. Some of these are included in intricate play sets that give your child many options while others come separately and can be added to that world. Letting your child create his toy’s own world helps him become more creative and studies have shown that creative people often fare better in school.

Many families celebrate the Easter holiday by giving a gift to their child or by filling up baskets with small toys and candy. Buying toys for your child during this holiday is better for your child than giving him a basket filled with sweets. Some great ideas for this are the small vehicles, books, card games, creative clay, art items, puzzles, stuffed animals, balls, planes, baseball cards, jewelry making kits, sand kits and more.

Valentine’s Day for many people represents chocolate. While it’s good to let your child have some sweet treats it’s even better to give him something lasting for the special day. You can fill basket or box with cute gifts. Some of these gifts can be stickers, lab creation toys, board games, art sets, action dolls or doll babies, remote control cars or building block sets. Sometimes there are Valentine’s day themed toys like a stuffed animal printed in a heart design, a book for kids about Valentine’s Day, or even a Mr. Potato Head Valentine’s Day spud.

Christmas holidays are the same. You can find stuffed animals that look like reindeers, Christmas cookie play sets, finger puppets for all of the beloved Christmas characters, and more!  If you want regular toys you will find great sales on educational toys. There are games such as connecting games or skill games like checkers or chess. Other games such as ones for video game consoles can be fun as well as educational. Some of these video games teach skills and improve hand to eye coordination. Other games teach kids about subjects like reading, history, world facts and more.

Electronic toys during the Christmas holidays are always a huge hit with teenagers and you can usually find good bundle sales. This includes things like music devices, e-readers, music creation studios, electronic music pieces such as drums, guitars or music mixers where kids can do their own audio mixing.


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