Art Tatum – Yesterdays

Art Tatum plays Yesterdays on the Spike Jones TV Show 1954.

Art Tatum - Yesterdays (1954)

the classic clip of Art Tatum performing live on the Spike Jones TV show from 1954 (shortly before his death). Don't forget to check out the half-speed version so you can see his hands move a little better:

Uploaded for study and research purposes only.

When trying to get your head around this performance by the phenomenal Art Tatum, I would like to mention a few things:

1. his arrangement of "Yesterdays" was pretty much down pat by this stage of his life, so he's improvising around a set structure, not completely improvising the arrangement;

2. in those days, jazz musicians, especially pianists, played gigs just about every day and also practised hard like there was no tomorrow;

3. when all the other kids were out playing ball, he was most probably practising (being virtually blind)

4. given all that, he was a genius!
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