Age Appropriate Toys for Children

Age Appropriate Toys for Children

There are thousands of toys on the market each of which is usually suited to children of specific age groups. When you choose age appropriate toys for children you can help them grow their intellect as well as their physical coordination. 

Toys designed for babies include mobiles, plush toys and soft squeaky toys. Toys that feature reflective safety mirrors and those that are sound activated help babies provide a building block for language communication skills. Toys that help with walking and hand to eye coordination are also useful. 

If your child is around the age of one year old you will want to check out musical toys such as pianos or push button toys that produce music. The earlier your child develops an interest in music the better.  Young children need toys that help them explore and trigger their curiosity. Toys of this nature are dinosaurs or other creatures that can change into cars or other vehicles. Other types of toys are those that mimic real life. such as shopping carts and kitchen furniture. Puzzles are great toys for children of all ages. For children who are five years old or even younger you will want to consider buying them sports items.  You will want to look at items such as basketball hoops, balls, skates, jump ropes and slides.

When it comes to teenagers some parents often flounder wondering what to get for their son or daughter who is no longer a child but not quite an adult. Many parents don’t want to buy video games or consoles because they think this contributes to inactivity or violence. The truth is that video games can be educational and may even promote physical health. Many video games have educational qualities and they are often a gateway to careers such as writing computer applications.


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